True Heart
CCLI #5029844

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Song Title:
  True Heart
Song Category:
  Christian Rock
Play Time:
  Glory To You
Track Number:
  Alto sax/ ASR-10
Composed By:
  Lisa Chaddock/Kenny Carter
Performed By:
  Kenny Carter/ Don Colton


True Heart

Verse 1
True heart Your words are known
You speak and seeds are sown
You seek and find great love
You give from heaven above

True Heart, Heart of
The Living God
Jesus Christ, God's only Son
True Heart, 
Heart of truth and love
You are my pattern and faith
True heart

Verse 2
True heart, Your song is clear
You sing and deaf can hear
You walk and lead the lost
You gave no thought of the cost

In all I am I want to honor you
In all I do I seek you, Lord
You are the one, the truth
The holiest, the sanctified
True Heart

Verse 3
True heart Your say be still
In You The Word's fulfilled
You are the Greatest Gift
You came So that
All might live


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